Unveiling Intimacy


Chris van der Weide

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'A man whose eyes love opens risks his soul - his dancing breaks beyond the mind's control.'
Attar of Nishapur (The Conference of the Birds)


Recurring Events


Tantra retreats
diving deep into the world of intimacy

Do you want to feel ALIVE?
Through expression and experience we explore intimacy, vulnerability, sexuality, boundaries and desires in unaltered honesty. All of this to create space for our true nature to unfold freely. 

Mantra singing
Kirtan! Devotional singing for the love of love.

What is it and why do we do it?
Ready to actively align your intentions with your innermost truth and offer up your voice to the divine? 
Read up bits and bites on the practice of mantra singing and meet our stunning team of musicians. 

Days or retreats in the yurt / on location.

Wonder what silence can mean on your journey? Do you have the idea that self-development lies in hard work, in pain and confrontation? What if I told you that silence might just hold every answer you’ve ever been looking for..? Come, and fall into wonderment, fall into the joy of existence on this journey into you.


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Please feel free and invited to contact me at any time, if you want to know more about an event, a private session or if you have a general question / inquiry, I'd love to hear from you!