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From Sex to Sacred - Level 1 (ENG)

  • Biodanza Salon 5368 AT OSS Eindstraat Haren, NB, 5368 AT Netherlands (map)

What if we told you that…
→ your sexuality can be a gate to freedom and liberation?
→ through lovemaking you can go beyond time, space and ego?
→ there are tools to help you explore your - boundless - orgasmic potential that seem to simple to be true?
→ that pleasure, joy and a creative ecstatic expression of your sexual nature are your birthright?

.... Would you believe it?

Are you willing to leave everything behind and - JUMP?

Are you curious to explore the relationship between sexuality and spirituality? Between presence and love? To explore where the personal shifts into the universal? To explore what stops you from living your fullest potential?

This Sacred Sexuality Intensive will be paradigm shifting, non-bullshit, filled with passion and rooted in a search for truth, held within a safe container. We will explore, learn and practice ways to connect and work with sexual energy from various schools and traditions. We will practice group, partner, personal exercises (no actual sexual contact) as well as practices to do at home.

We’ll gain tools to recognize & drop our sexual patterns, blockages and believe systems. We will dive, head first, into this exploration through energetic explorations, psychosomatic exercises and sharing structures. As well as theory and specific tantric practices that show us how sexuality can be utilized as a means to higher consciousness and how lovemaking can be a profound act of devotion.

What to expect?
✔ Silent and Active Meditations (from various traditions; Osho, Hridaya, Kundalini)
✔ Group sharings & men/women circles
✔ Touch & Partner exercises
✔ Various Heart Opening Practices
✔ Radical honesty
✔ Tantric Dance
✔ Tantric Rituals

Topics of exploration →
🙏 Cultivating sexual energy
🙏 How sexual energy can be used to heighten our consciousness
🙏 The curve of pleasure for men and women
🙏 Explosive versus implosive orgasms & How to become multi-orgasmic?
🙏 Inner and outer polarity
🙏 The 7 types of female orgasm
🙏 Men & Women Sex Talk circles

Together we aim to create the most potent circumstances for our true nature to reveal itself in everything we do. We invite a paradigm shift from a society where sex equals sin to a reality where sex equals sacred.

This Sacred Sexuality retreat contains elements from various practices , schools and traditions, such as; Sky Dancing Tantra, Neo & Traditional Tantra, Hridaya Yoga, 5Rhythms, NVC, Authentic Relating, OSHO and Sufism.

We welcome those that are familiar in the field, but also those of you that are new and have a genuine curiosity. Are you wondering if this is for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. You’re taken good care of, you’ll land in a safe haven with a group of likeminded participants, with an experienced team of assistants to support your process and yummilicious food to comfort your stomach-soul.

We create a safe space for you to unlock your aliveness and step into your full potential. We'll explore intimacy, sexual energy and related concepts, but there won't be explicit sexual activity or (full) nudity.
Note- this workshop is fitting for both individuals and couples.

We welcome you wholeheartedly!


To accommodate for this journey to be truly expanding and deep diving into the universe of intimacy, two beautiful teachers unite forces. Your main facilitators will be Chris van der Weide and Ori Dahan.

Chris van der Weide (NL) →
During years of traveling, Chris has had the privilege to study and work with some of the finest spiritual and movement pioneers in the world and consequently incorporates aspects of Eastern Philosophy, Sufism, Yoga, meditation, SkyDancing Tantra, and a diverse range of various practices in her teaching. She recently chose The Netherlands as her base to pass through her experience via workshops, retreats and private sessions. Her teachings aim to create an alive encounter between inner and outer. As above so below. This dualistic human experience on earth versus the infinite divinity of existence, yourself and the other.

About the path of Tantra she says:
‘This path of Tantra has certainly shifted my paradigm, every step upon it seems to shake my reality in a way that is absolutely ravishing and deliciously liberating.’

Ori Dahan (ISR) →
Ori has been a student and practitioner of various styles of yoga, meditation, and personal work with a variety of teachers and institutes around the globe. He has spent time specifically diving into the depths of Tantra yoga, self enquiry, and the paths of both traditional Tantra and neo-Tantra. He has spent times in Buddhist monasteries, living in an Osho ashram, and immersed in the Vedantic (non-dual) teachings. He embraces movement and dance as a main practice for self-expression, somatic healing, and the coming together of shiva and shakti, Yin and Yang. In his words: ‘In order to experience Oneness, one must be immersed in the fullness of the present experience.’

For the past few years he has been teaching meditation, yoga, Tantra & Tantric yoga, but when asked what it is that he shares and teaches he answers:
“I am a “teacher of Love.” I simply aspire to support people in identifying and removing blockages that stand in the way of that Love. My mission is to help each and every person to deepen in Love with oneself, Love with the other, and Love with God, whatever that is to him/her… “


Sample Schedule →
08:00 Morning Meditation
09:15 Breakfast
10:30 Morning Session
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Second Session
18:00 Diner
19:30 Evening Session

Location →
Amidst the fields, surrounded by spaciousness, lays a beautiful hidden paradise which will be our home for this weekend retreat. The address is: Eindstraat 18, 5368 AT Haren (nearby Oss). Please try to carpool & if you really cannot find a ride we can arrange for a pick up and drop off service at the train station.

Accommodation →
Please bring a tent + sleeping necessities. There are also a few places available for sleeping inside (dormitory style), this would include an extra cost of E20,- per person (& please let us know in advance).

Vegan Food →
A vegan chef will prepare daily lunch and dinner for all participants. This food is not only healthy and delicious, it also prepared with love and care and with ingredients that will support you in your journey.

Registration →
Early Explorers: E295,- (till 31/03)
Almost Early Explorers: E325,- (till 28/04)
Regular Explorers: E375,- (till 16/05)
Helper tickets: E250,-(only two available, please inquire for options)
* Please note, there are only 18 places available on this weekend retreat!

Register here:

For questions: please seek contact through the contact-form on, thank you!


The Lovers

will drink wine night and day.
They will drink until they can
tear away the veils of intellect
and melt away the layers
of shame and modesty.

When in Love,
body, mind, heart and soul don't even exist.
Become this,
fall in Love,

and you will not be separated again.