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Women's Weekend Retreat: Singing Silence

  • Open Heart Encounters Hennisdijk Zoelmond, GE Netherlands (map)


We welcome you to drop your defences one by one and celebrate the vibrant simple joy of existence with us on this 3-day Singing Silence Women’s Weekend Retreat.

Do you (like us) crave the soft bedding of sisterhood?
Do you recognise the language of silence within? 
Are you ready to dive into the depths of yourself? 
Can you feel the ancient calling of your bones that yearns to sing and dance fearlessly?
Are you willing to look at yourself with radical honesty yet from a field of warm compassion? 

If your answer to 3 or more of the above questions is ‘yes’, this weekend retreat might just be for you..

‘So ‘YES! Let me know, what do I sign up for?’

WOMEN’S WISDOM → We’re gathering for three days with a tribe of women, uniting the wisdom of the womb of this generation and that of all generations that went before us. Held by ourselves and the magical collective of the group we embark on a journey inwards. Together alone. Even though we won’t use words as means of communication, the fact of sharing space and energy with a group of women reconnects is with an ancient feeling of togetherness; we’ve gathered around fires, in sweat lodges, we shared silence in monasteries and protected each other from being set on flames in the days that the wisdom of wild women was feared most.

SILENCE → The whole weekend is held within a space of sacred silence. Other than set sharing, song or sound circles the invitation is to take the plunge into the deep waters of you. We choose not to communicate with words and direct our gaze inwards. With little to no external stimuli we uncover what is means to truly explore our inner stirrings in a field of unaltered spaciousness. We’ll meditate, explore the intimacy of nature, write and draw but mostly simple BE still. 

SOUND & MOVEMENT → In this gathering we’ll combine the power of silence with that of sound and movement. We’ll be diving into the void of existence and allowing that infinite space to express itself in vibration. We’ll explore our voices with free sounds, sound baths, mantras and ancient women’s folk songs. We’ll explore our bodies through dance and (self-) touch. 

NOURISHMENT FOR THE SOUL → During these days we’ll put together a simple yet efficient (and yummie) detox program. 

In this weekend retreat you get the chance to leave the world and all it’s triggers behind. To replace your phone, your to-do lists and your distractions with a journey inward. On this journey everything is welcome: the fear, the doubt, the resistance, the love, the bliss, the not-knowing, the knowing, the feeling, the space, the emptiness, the silence, the infinity. Everything. 
Together we create a tribe of women in which your power and wisdom is met and fueled by sisters who collectively share this journey to the source.

Please note that you don't need any experience with silence - nor singing (!) - and no, it's really not about how it sounds or looks. We will guide you on this journey, so you can just let go, surrender and enjoy.

* Depending on the participants this retreat will be held in either English or Dutch.