Singing Silence



In this gathering we’ll combine the magic of silence with that of sound, diving into the void of existence and allowing that infinite space to vibrate through our voices. Come, and celebrate the joy of existence with us on this journey!

In this day you get the chance to leave the world and all it’s triggers behind. To replace your phone, your to-do lists and your distractions with a journey inward. And on this journey everything is welcome: the fear, the doubt, the resistance, the love, the bliss, the not-knowing, the knowing, the feeling, the space, the emptiness, the silence, the infinity. Everything. 

We start the day with singing, to let our thoughts sing freely to see that we are not that. To relax, to connect, to feel Free. After that, we will sink into silence, and sing our way back. 
Feel the magic of this life, share this amazement.. Sing, like the birds sing. You are SO welcome. 

Please note that you don't need any experience with silence - nor singing (! - and no, its really not about how it sounds). We will guide you on this journey, so you can just let go, surrender and enjoy.

‘And those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music’
— Nietzsche

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09:45 Arrival
10:00 Landing together
10.30 Moving into silence
13:00 Silent lunch
14:30 Opening a sacred space of silence and sound: let us SING! 
17:30 Soup in silence
18:30 Closing together
19:00 Optional jam / waving goodbyes 


Investment & Location

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€50 early bird until 11th
€65 later bird
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We welcome you in the beautiful vibrating YURT 'Hafiz', warmed by the fire, in green fields, under the sun and the stars.



Chris has been investigating silence & sound with a big devotion since many years. She found silence in guided retreats and complete solitude. In silence she finds clarity, freedom, the simple awe for all that is. She holds singing circles, whole night singing ceremonies, women’s groups / retreats under the name of Open Heart Encounters. Chris’s work is always characterised by the simple invitation to embrace what is here, now. 

Throughout many years Eva has taught dance and movement. Nowadays you can find Eva in her whisperhouse in silence in nature, yet the rhythm of music never left her soul. She takes people on adventures, out of their comfort zones and into silence: at times through motion, at times motionless. Constantly inviting us to realize everything is already here.