Diving into Sacred Sexuality & Raw Communication (Article - Nov 2015)

Let’s be real. Despite of many sexual liberation movements, sex and sexuality (and unaltered raw truth) have remained taboo topics in the West (and many other cultures for that matter).

When I say taboo, I mean that it is not the kind of thing we honestly speak about without thinking twice. I’m not referring to those heroic “day after” stories nor to some light coffee table referencing often accompanied with a giggle or a awkward twitch or two.

How often do you find yourself discussing what it feels like if your cervix is touched? Or which insecurities might arise between bedroom walls? Or how deeply (dis)connected you felt during the last time you mixed and mingled your naked bodies?

I often wonder: If it was sex that brought each and every one of us on this planet to begin with, why do we find it so difficult to lay it all out and share our true experiences about it? Why is it so hard to even share that with the one we love?

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Chris van der Weide