Private & Couple Sessions

Do you feel you could use a second pair of eyes and ears to help you truly uncover your relationship with intimacy? Either with yourself or within your intimate relationship?
I am here to explore with you and walk the road to a more fulfilling, more true, more heartbased, more intimate life together.

People come to me with a great variety of topics they want to explore, such as:

  • ‘I feel alone and unlovable, I don’t even dare to make eye-contact with a woman when I feel attracted to her’

  • ‘I love my husband but I encounter physical and emotional blockages when we’re making love’

  • ‘I’m feeling bored of my love-life, it’s as if the same movie is on repeat all the time..’

  • ‘My partner and I are looking for more depth and playfulness within our sexlife’

  • ‘I would like to move beyond some stubborn patterns I encounter when relating, but I need some help to dive deeper into it’

  • ‘We’d like to open up our relationship but we don’t quite know how to do it in a way that is respectful and meets our needs’

  • ‘I’m afraid I’m not attractive enough, my body-image is saddening me..’

  • ‘I just long to be heard, seen and held..’  

Other than (relational) intimacy topics, I’m also here to simple look together at whatever the blockages might be that keep you from living your fullest creative potential. So if you have a specific enquiry you’d like to explore in depth, please contact me and we can discover how I can be of help in your process.

How do I work?
First and most importantly, I listen to you, I meet you as new and depart from that meeting field in which all is allowed to unfold from the present moment. We firstly make space for the ‘here and now’ situation, as that is the only true place we can really depart from. Once settled, we inquire into the current conditioning, patterns and believes to find out where the blockages are situated. Together we create a space where the fullest expression of you, in all its raging anger, fear, sadness, joy or ecstacy is welcomed and embodied.
I believe our bodies carry an ancient wisdom, they store stories and subconscious behaviors, which can be brought into the light through various practices, but mostly through being present with whatever is occuring in the moment. That’s why I have a strong emphasis on bodywork, but I also draw from Authentic Relating, Radical Honesty, Wheel of Consent, Non-Violent Communication, Advaita Vedanta and a big variety of Tantric practices.

Why would you work with me?
I always work on four layers: the physical, the emotional, the psychological and the spiritual. We’ll often find that we more ‘at home’ in one of these domains and slightly neglect the other ones. To feel whole within yourself and within your relationship asks us to become aware of all three of these domains. Through presence and practice we can then slowly integrate our experience in a field of inclusion, rather than ‘understand and control’ our experience through exclusion.
Most coaches or therapists will offer you tools to make your life more manageable, but essentially you are only handed more ‘control systems’. I invite you to taste the rich flavour of life as it appears to you in the present moment, our true place of freedom.

Intake & Trajectory
A series of private/couple sessions always start with an intake session, this session is meant to ‘lay the ground’ so to speak, I can get a clear perspective on you, your questions, your path and the way we’d work together. And you get to taste my energy, working style and feel if this is what you’re looking for.

After the intake we decide together if we undertake a single session (for individuals only) or go on a trajectory of 3, 5 or 7 sessions (for individuals and couples). Why a trajectory? Experience has led me to decide that I don’t want to offer single sessions anymore, especially to couples, because in reality the gained insights easily evaporates. Thus, for the benefit of your process we devise a trajectory together so that the gained insights have time to settle and are regularly revisited. Nothing is more important in your personal growth than honest willingness and continuity.

Intake: € 105,- (a set duration of 1,5 hours)
Individual Coaching: €70,- per hour (depending on the nature of the session between 1&3 hours)
Couple Coaching: €95,- per hour (depending on the nature of the session between 1,5&3 hours)

Private sessions can be done both live or through phone or skype. Couple sessions are always in person. They are either offered in my yurt in the center of the Netherlands, in a workspace in Culemborg, or as customized (2+ days) private tantric intensives at a location of your choice (contact me to discuss the possibilities for a private intensive).

Do you have any unanswered questions or would you like to explore a proposal which has not been listen on this page? Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am here for that.

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