Mantra singing

To view upcoming events please check out the facebook page for the most accurate circle information. In general we host Kirtan nights biweekly, Mantra Vigils twice a year and Singing Silence days or retreats spread out through the year. You’re deeply welcome to explore with us.

Oh! The singing did me well! My heart exploded, warm pain, tears, beauty! It tastes like more!’
— Martje

What is Kirtan?

Many times I find myself somewhat lost in explaining the true essence singing mantras, also known as ‘Kirtan’.
What is it? What does it mean? What does it mean to me? Or - the actual only truth - what does it mean to you?

Singing mantras (a mantra being explained as a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation) is a way to meditate through sound, repetition and devotion. As kirtan derives from the Hindu tradition we’ll often find ourselves chanting in Sanskrit, chanting the names of Gods and Goddesses that seem to come from another planet.

Yet the opposite deems true; when we sing we can actively align our innermost essence to the vibration of the chant and feel how transformation effortlessly happens. These Gods are not entities outside ourselves, they are qualities within all of us, each one uniquely stunning and yet all together the same. To sum up some golden beads:

  • It is a super simple and powerful tool for meditation. The collective chanting silences the mind and thus makes space for all that wants to arise in the unknown.

  • It’s a celebration! Whereas we often connect meditation with stiffness, here we invite the fullness of Shakti, Life and vibrancy to flow through our bones and being.
    Yes → we sing!
    Yes → we dance!
    Yes → we make love with the Universe!

  • There is no hierarchy; performers and public create the field of love together.

  • It is not (!) about how it sounds, looks, smells, tastes… No one really cares what you sound like, we merge in joined devotion and become One Voice.

  • Essentially Kirtan is a means to invite us back into our true nature, the carefree child, the wonderment of existence, the joy of being, the joy of living.

And oh boy… So. Much. More.
I seek for words to write but cannot find them, not really. As I write the content of this page we just held the fourth edition of the Mantra Vigil; a ritual in which we sing from sunset to sunrise. Indeed, the whole night through! Four times a year (one for each season) we hold this ritual with a group of brave hearted souls. Do you dare to die for the love of Love?
Or in the littlest form - do you dare to surrender your needs and wants, do you dare to give up the story of 'you' and simply stay awake for the love of Love?

At the end of the evening I felt full of love, towards others and towards myself. I embraced the shy and insecure parts of me, I fed it with love and acceptance. I left in silence but felt good and warm. Thank you so much for this magical evening.
— Elly
Play! Festival - May 2016

Play! Festival - May 2016

Mantras can work like plant medicine work, a cleansing of the energetic body, a freedom of ego, of time and space..
The most recent example is dat during the last Vigil all of a sudden (!) the birds began to sing, we thought we had sang for 2,5 hours only but the clock then told me it was 05:15 in the morning.. instead of 01:00 at night. The sheer shock of that realisation made us laugh to tears - where did those 4 hours disappear into? Where Were We?
The answer is simple, in the most present place of presence there is no past nor future, what remains is timelessness.

Now and now and now and now.  

Thank you for joining us on this journey of Love and Light. 
We salute you with a heartfelt Namasté!

meet and GREET some of our regular collaborative musicians - all playing for the love of love: 
Marc (djembe), Eline (violin), sefrijn (harmonium) & alex (guitar)

Even for someone who loves to write this experience it hard to describe..
A vain attempt; ..the feeling of homecoming at arrival. Little countryside farm. A mini holiday on wednesday night. Singing in a yurt in a field. Sinking in a space where nothing is wanted from me. Silent magic. Nourishing, charged, grounded, spirit, uplifting, earth. Meeting my divine Self. Beautiful. Exactly what I needed.
— Chantal


Can I still come if I can’t sing? / I’m afraid I’m not musical enough..
OK, it might sound a bit old and obvious, but.. who ever told you that you cannot sing?
Do you have a voice? Than you can sing. It is not about how you use your voice, it is not about if it is ‘pretty’ or not. Frankly, no-one cares how you sing, we all melt together in a bath of devotion and become one voice. And surely, sometimes that voice squeaks and beeps, but that too, is completely welcome.

I don’t like singing, is this for me?
Probably not ;-). But hey, if you’re curious it won’t hurt to try!

I’m afraid I don’t know anyone else..
On a regular wednesday-night there are always one or two first-timers, many people come by themselves and get to know each other throughout time. No worries, you are welcome and well taken care of!

I never meditate, can I still come?
Of course, you are warmly invited to come and taste this form of (active) meditation. Many people find it is easier and much more pleasant and direct for them to be carried by sound and energy in comparison to a long sitting meditation. Because the singing and the collective energy stills the mind many proclaim it brings them closer to their essence. Try it yourself!

I don’t understand the lyrics, why do we sing in a foreign language?
We mostly sing in Sanskrit, the primary language of Hinduism (India). The Sanskrit chants carry a specific energy within them because they’ve been sang for thousands and thousands of years through countless voices and souls.
Sometimes we explain the original meaning of a mantra, but the invitation is always to feel how it resonates for you. You don’t have to know the intellectual story to feel the energetic effect, our own inherit wisdom is way more spot on than we usually think!
At times we’ll sing mantras in different languages (Dutch, English, Hebrew etc.), most people prefer the variety.

I’m afraid these events are too ‘airy’ for me, what we actually do?
We start the event with a short guided welcoming meditation, an optional sharing-round and then we sing! We sing every mantra for a while (8-15 minutes) after which we meditate for another couple of minutes (simply being present with what is. If you’ve read this page till here, it’s probably not ‘too airy’ for you, but there is surely a certain portion of ‘down-to-earth-spirit-vibes’.

What are the costs?
The ‘Kirtan! Devotional singing for the love of Love’ evenings are donation based (a suggested donation of 15-, euros). Whole day or weekend events usually do have a set price, please look at the specific event for more details.

Is your question not yet answered?
Please contact me and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

Mantra Vigil - April 2018

Mantra Vigil - April 2018

I was soaking wet, cold and feeling entirely unsociable but I was greeted with heartfelt hugs, warm tea and delicious cacao within a beautiful space with trailing plants all over the walls and ceiling. In fact, it almost felt like being inside a sacred garden womb. I started to feel myself let go, the cracks in my heart opened a bit more and by the time we started singing, my tears were flowing freely. I spent the whole night there in tears, big fat tears rolling down my cheeks, like the rain drops falling outside. I felt safe, I felt held and I felt amongst friends. No words necessary, just pure love from the heart as we sang the mantras, vibrating within and all around.
— Katya