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My Brilliant Image - 
One day the sun admitted,
I am just a shadow.
I wish I could show you
The Infinite Incandescence
That has cast my brilliant image!
I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The astonishing Light
Of your own Being!

~ Hafiz (‘I Heard God Laughing’) 



Chris studied theater in the Netherlands and completed her Master in Somatic Dance in London. After London she lived at the Mexican shoreline of Oaxaca for 2,5 years, working and studying in a Tantric yoga community. Her research aims to create an alive encounter between inner and outer, as above so below, this dualistic human experience on earth versus. the infinite divinity of existence, yourself and the other. ‘This path of Tantra has certainly shifted my paradigm, every step upon it seems to shake my reality in a way that is absolutely ravishing and deliciously liberating.’ 

Bart-Jan Dokter has been traveling the path of Tantra with enthusiasm for over 6 years now. ‘What I like about Tantra is that it offers a broad spectrum of tools for researching the way we choose to move in this lifetime. The more aware I became in all aspects of my life, the more freedom and abundance I experience on a day to day basis. Acting less from fear, daring to be me, recognising the mesmerising greatness of life itself.’ At this moment Bart-Jan follows the Tantra Training at ‘Centrum voor Tantra’, hosts tantric and massage workshops, works as a massage therapist and is the director of PLAY! Community. 

WHAT do participants say about Chris and Bart-Jan?

ALIVENESS mini Retreat: Embracing our Sexual Nature 2018 → 
“Together they make such an authentic combination. A mind blowing beautiful dance in balance. I felt safe, seen and loved by Chris and Bart-Jan, beautiful souls.” ~ Anke
“Safe, dedicated, real, know-how, vulnerable, practising what you preach. Alive.” ~ Linda

ALIVENESS Winter Retreat 2017-2018 → 
“Amazing! Rest, humor, wisdom, power, courage, creative, clarity, laughter, structure, top duo.” ~ Frank
“Separate and together, you were great! Bart-Jan: sweet, calm, reliable, the big rock in the middle of the sea. Chris: Wow, what a woman! Free, sensitive, sensual. Strong Shakti. Together, you are a great combo… The work of a rock in the ocean and a sweet warm breeze. Does that make sense?” ~ Severine

ALIVENESS Summer Retreat 2017 → 
“Amazing. Authentic. Real. Everything with care and attention. They really know what it’s all about. They see me, see the group. Vision & Presence. They create a super safe space. You are you, above all - you. That is what Tantra is for me. Such clarity!” ~ Miriam

Aliveness ~
Tantra Retreats 

Do you want to feel ALIVE?
Are you ready to experience your divine nature?
Do you dare to shine your inner light?

This Tantra retreat takes place in the middle of summertime and henceforth we invite the light! Fed by the sparkling invitation of summer’s bright and colourful beauty we research our own life-force and how it flows through each and every one of us. Where does your inner power hide? What stops you from shining shamelessly? Which fear do you encounter when you truly look within? Which curtains do you put to block out the sun?

We invite you to let the light enter, to breathe it in and radiate it outwards. 
Join a beautiful group of like-minded people, together we’ll dive deeply in ourselves with the aid of powerful exercises, meditations and rituals from the Tantric tradition. We seek fascination for this magical existence, in relation with the other, with ourselves, in soft stillness and vibrating ecstasy. 

During these seven days you are taken on a journey inwards and outwards. We research the structures that seems to ‘stick’ to us and keep us ‘stuck’; beliefs, conditioning, patterns. 
What withholds you from freedom? What distracts you from this moment? Here and now? What do you need to meet yourself and the other in your true divine nature?

Letting go. Peeling off. Surrender. Trust. Celebration!

We (Chris van der Weide en Bart-Jan Dokter) create and facilitate this week long tantra retreat. We are guided by our passion for self-exploration, the mesmerising body, fascinating mind and infinite spirit. We use movement, partner-exercises, meditation, silence and rituals to guide you on your journey. Through expression and experience we explore intimacy, vulnerability, sexuality, boundaries and desires in unaltered honesty.
All of this in order to unveil our inner consciousness, to create space for our true nature to unfold freely. 

WHAT do participants say about previous ALIVENESS Retreats?
“Just love. More than I could have dreamed of. Indescribable. Addictive.” ~ Sanne
“A great journey of love. Painful, gentle, ravishing, healing. Complete.” ~ Ben
“Wow! More! Delicious, free, deeply moved. Breaking boundaries.. Unable to put into words.” ~ Nina
“Thank you so much! I’ve made huge progress in my own process in such a short period of time!” ~ Dirk
“Brilliant. Reborn! Yes, truly! Intense, connective, relaxing, breaking boundaries.” ~ Erik
“Aliveness is unconditional.” ~ Miriam

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Practicals - 

‘And those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music’ - Nietzsche
Send an application mail to You then receive an intake form to return.
We aim for a young and balanced group considering experience and an equal man/woman balance.

Arrival and departure

Arrival at Friday the 20st July 2018, welcome from 17:00, start with a joined dinner at 18.00.
Waving farewell at Thursday the 26th July 2018, 17:00.


This retreat takes place at Wieringerwerf in the beautiful ‘Boshuis’, surrounded by a breathtaking (and giving) forrest, right at the shore of the vast Ijsselmeer.
Dimple yourself in nature, spoil yourself with yummy (vegetarian and mostly organic) meals and allow yourself to fully unwind in the warm bath we create together. 


EARLY Bird (t/m 30 april) : € 595,-
NORMAL Bird (t/m 31 mei): € 695,-
LATE Bird (t/m 19 juli): € 745,-
*Including food, accommodation, additional surprises and general awesomeness. ;) 
ATTENTION - we have a handful of budget tickets available, please inquire for the possibilities. 

In general this retreat is suitable for everyone who is willing to go on adventure. Within the retreat we’ll inevitably touch upon themes such as ‘the body’ and ‘sexuality’. Within the exercises and meditation we won’t invite for intimacy on a sexual level (such as kissing, genital interaction etc.). Nudity is invited at times, for instance during massage, but never obligatory. There is always space for (and emphasis on) listening to your own boundaries. Our most important aim is for every person to stay true to themselves in their process and we’ll support you in this exploration. 

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