About Unveiling Intimacy -

Tell me, how would it be to rise in the strength of your unique expression of life?

I invite you warm heartedly to unveil your innermost truth, to embrace yourself as you are, precisely through observing yourself with rigorous honesty and create space for your essence to reveal itself in its unique flavour.
To feel free when you’re ecstatic, blissful and loved seems easy!
To feel free when you’re fearful, insecure or in pain, already brings much more of a challenge.. Is it even possible?
The Sufis have a beautiful saying:

’It is not about being free of the world, but about being free in the world.’

..How would it be, to be free in me?
..To unveil our innermost intimacy?

Curious? Through various experiences we learn to taste the essence of our existence, the essence of love and freedom, in our delicious humanness, our wondrous bodies and peculiar views of life:

  • Through practices from the traditional and modern Tantra we explore together which blockages might still be laying on our path. What do we encounter on our journey to inner freedom? How can you experience more aliveness, spaciousness, sensuality, sexuality, presence and love in this body, whilst honouring all your little perks, your name and your life-story?

  • The simplicity of Silence offers us the opportunity to rest in ourselves. Think about it, how often do you find yourself in the present moment without thoughts on yesterday or following the ratrace of tomorrow? The silence offers a bedding which can ben gentle & soft, but equally highly confrontational. Moreover it offers the space to be with what is.

  • Using our voice through the singing of Mantras and Voice Liberation exercises invites us to sink deeper into ourselves. The ancient tradition of mantra chanting actively embraces all aspects of existence. Whilst singing we embrace the meditative silence, but also the dancing ecstacy, the small wonderments and the infinite greatness of our being.

  • Through movement and bodywork we tapp into the vast field of knowledge and wisdom which is stored in the body. Moving the body in various ways, be it a dance session, a massage or specifically designed bodywork for your structure and exploration, allows us to dive into subconscious patterning and brings our underlying mechanisms to the light. Together we create a warm space, either in a group or 1 on 1, where you are safe to sink into the unknown.

These seemingly various approaches all point towards the same essence of our being. Each invites us to look at ourselves, again and again, as new every moment. With time and truthfulness we unveil our innermost intimacy, our naked divine nature, through the very dance with life itself. Personally I strongly believe in the combination of the above states approaches, the devotional nature of singing and dancing, the exploration of the ‘little self’ and the ‘larger Self’ within tantric practices and the sustainable spacious recognition which reveals itself in periods of silence.

Could this be for you?

  • Are you willing to let go of the known and dive into the mystery?

  • Do you recognize this gnawing gut feeling that whispers..:
    ‘there must be more to life than this..?’

  • Do you feel the tingling call for freedom?

  • Are you simply curious and willing to explore?

You are welcome. There are opportunities for every level, if you’re a beginner in the field of spirituality and self-development or a thoroughly seasoned tantrika, there are offering for all of you.

You might want to immerse yourself into a week long tantra retreat, a personalized 1on1 trajectory, a day of silence or a simple night of singing around the fire together. Follow your curiosity and aliveness - I look forwards to meeting you.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away’
— Maya Angelou
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'Chris guided the Workshop in an natural and playful way, that created trust to fully explore every topic that was offered without hesitation. The Workshop itself was AMAZING, incredible how 30 unknown people can become a trusting family in only 3 days. I fell in love with so many souls, the workshop left me in an immense openness to life and human connections and expressions. I still feel charged with life when i think about it'.
~ Andreas Daum ('Moving from Within' Mexico, March 2017)

'It was great to be in an atmosphere in which radical honesty is such a normality. Since half a year I've been trying to apply this level of honesty with the people around me and the workshop has been a very reaffirming experience of this being the way to go. Showing my weakness and vulnerability was a great experience. It has reiterated my belief that the 'strong thing to do' is to show weakness and that I want to grow even more comfortable with showing my vulnerability.'
~ Sander ('Tantra meets Stillness, The Netherlands, December 2017)

'I imagine my time at the retreat as a kind of flower, a daisy or a frangipani. It was full and alive but delicate in its power to change. I felt my partner allowed himself to be vulnerable in a way that I had not experienced before and this of course both empowered me to communicate more truthfully and honestly with him, as well as allow myself to vulnerable with him. Lovely, loving, and love-ful thank you. Thank you once again for all the beautiful wisdom you have been able to impart in our short times together. It has moved me forward into a fuller, more wholehearted life.'
~ Sarah (Tantra Couple Retreat, Mexico, May 2017)