Hi! My name is Chris -


'Wow, what a woman! Free, sensitive, sensual. Strong Shakti'
~ Severine

'Chris, thank you for everything. It made such a strong impression. I can't believe it. The amount of energy you gave.. The presence you have in the moment. And your authenticity. Very special. The way you led the group felt like you gave 1o1 sessions. I'm sad its over but grateful for this beautiful experience. Thank u, lots of love, I will miss u for sure, take care.'
~ Sharif

'Chris van der Weide, you couldn't have done a better job. Your energy is truly amazing and I'm very impressed with the power of these seemingly simple exercises and the way in which you guided us through them.'
~ Sander

'A powerful strong gentle Shakti woman. Thank you so much for your Kali energy and everything you bring to this world.'
~ Claire

As a little girl I grew up in an eco-village in the suburbs of Utrecht, The Netherlands. I felt as if I was the princes of the property, I knew every tree to climb, I shared my joy and sadness with the wild flowers, I secretly picked tomatoes and raspberries from the communal garden and I made a passionate effort to rescue the snails from being stamped upon by one of our neighbours in her large wooden shoes.

In our home, sexuality and intimacy where natural subjects of conversation. There was no mystery nor taboo whatsoever; I could ask anything, know everything and explore whatever I wanted to explore. I clearly remember a time a friend stayed for a sleepover at my place and early in the morning she walked into the living room to grab some water, at that moment my parents bed was in the living room and they were making love behind a folding screen. My friend returned in utter shock (and still speaks about this event today), I didn’t understand what had upset her so much.. Ain’t nothing weird about that, right?

As I continued to grow up, I felt more and more alienated in a society which didn’t feel like home. I sought for real connections and meaning in dance and theatre and gave myself fully to the world of arts. On stage I felt good, and mostly: alive. Expressing myself through performance helped me to make sense of a world that seemed so deeply confused.
And yet, also here, I lost myself in the web of comparison, performance pressure and perfectionism. I clearly remember the moment I was studying my masters degree in Somatic Dance in London and found myself walking on a subway station where everything around me seemed to scream: ‘Buy me or you’ll die!’
It made me dizzy, I felt distanced from my body, my gut instincts and realised that, despite feeling extremely privileged throughout my life, I didn’t feel truly happy or at rest.
But if this wasn’t the way? Then what was? Intuition put me on a plane to Mexico.

I didn’t speak Spanish, I didn’t have money, I didn’t have a plan and I didn’t have a ticket back. I felt attracted to a Tantric/Non-Dual community / spiritual center at the west coast and began my journey there. I started of as a mildly sceptical volunteer and ended my stay there three years later as a full staff member and trainer.
In that period my self-image and general paradigm shape shifted, broke, crumbled, ravished, evaporated and transformed to many times that in this moment I only really know that I don’t know anything. And that every shape I try to catch and cast, in reality, is as fluid as the ocean water.

What did it bring me? It mostly undid, peeled off, a whole lot of patterning and conditioning. The conditioning that tells me ‘who’ I am, ‘how’ I’m supposed to behave, that I shouldn’t be happy with myself, with my body, my voice, my sensuality, my sexuality, my smell, my gifts, my greatness, my erotic pleasures.
No, I don’t know ‘who or what’ I am, for it is not a question to be answered by the mind, but I do know that I may celebrate this life. This life in this body, with this voice, with all her greatness and sizzling passion!

And especially in that greatness do I experience true humbleness.
I kneel before the roaring waves,
before the pink coloured sky when the sun sets,
before the taste of fresh strawberries,
before the sound of crickets in twilight.

Maybe, what I learned most, and continue to learn every day, is to remember.
I remembered the little girl who spoke with the wild flowers, the innocence of pure joy without a reason, the rest in shamelessness and the all-encompassing simplicity of being in love with life itself.

The more I explore this path, the more free I feel in being human, the easier it is to embrace life as it presents itself moment to moment, regardless of the shape or colour in which it appears.

I warmly invite you to join me in this ever unfolding journey.

Education and experience

Chris holds a Bachelor Degree in Theatre and Education (NL) and a Masters Degree in ‘Creative Dance Professional Practice’ at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (UK) where she graduated with Distinction. To complete her studies in Londen she received scholarships from the VSB Foundation, the Prins Bernhart Culture Foundation and the Joop van den Ende Foundation.

She followed many courses in the area of spiritual and self-development, through movement, tantra, meditation, yoga and breathwork, a.o.;
Skinner Releasing Technique, 5 Rhythms, De-Armouring massage, Breath Therapy, Hridaya Yoga & Meditatie (+500hr YA Certification) and Agama Tantra.

To deepen her personal spiritual practice she had intensively studied with various teachers and has spend a significant amount of time in silence and solitude.
She has participated in numerous guided/supervised silence retreats, solitary retreats in little mountain huts and even periods in complete darkness.

Chris has been teaching tantra, meditation, dance, women’s groups and has offered private sessions globally. At this moment she is based in the Netherlands.